I recently polled 101 mothers and got the most beautiful, brutally honest answers on the best piece of parenting advice they’ve ever received.

Do you agree?

1. Follow your mommy gut.

2. Pick your battles.

3. Everything is just a phase.

4. Hide the chocolate.

5. We’re not perfect and we shouldn’t expect our children to be either.

6. There is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a great one.

7. Chillllllll.

8. Stop listening to other people as you know your kids better than anyone.

9. Sleep when the baby sleeps, the laundry can wait.

10. Remain teachable.

11. God – Spouse – Kids: Never mess with it. Make sure your children know their order.

12. Cuddle every chance you get…it goes by too fast.

13. Be consistent.

14. It is always great to get advice from other people. But no one knows your littles like you do and you will know what is best for them even if someone else doesn’t agree with you.

15. Take the time to make memories the messes will be there later.

16. People will always have something to say, when it’s all said and done.. you go home with your kids, not them. You do what you feel is best, for your children! You won’t make everyone happy anyway, so make you happy!

17. Lower your housekeeping expectations and sleep when the baby sleeps.

18. You cant take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.

19. Stop reading books written by those who never had children. Every child is different, do what feels right to you.

20. Wine, it’s okay to order in, your house will never be pristine, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

21. Be present.

22. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

23. Enjoy the little things.

24. After having twins, pick your battles …and I mean that because you are completely outnumbered.

25. Let Go. Let God.

26. You’re raising an adult, not a kid.

27. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s advice, rather listen to your own motherly instinct from within.

28. Give them your time not your money.

29. Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy life as it comes…puddles with the kids can’t wait, the dishes can.

30. Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have but also the best job you will ever have.

31. Trust. Your. Gut. The relationship between you and your child has never existed before. You know best.

32. Every child’s path is different, unique, and so very special. He knows each child’s journey before they take their first breath. Trust in Him, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

33. Pick your battles.

34. Never wake a sleeping baby to eat.

35. We don’t cry over spilled milk.

36. Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

37. SPEAK WITH LOVE – You can be firm without yelling or anger.

38. The days are long but the years are short.

39. In order to have kind & compassionate children, you need to model this yourself.

40. There are always little eyes & ears looking to you to do the right thing.

41. Apologize, no one is perfect, but…

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