The Lego bricks your kids are playing with are pretty much the same as the ones you had as a kid, but the Lego sets you can buy them are way different. There are tons of options, from Harry Potter and Star Wars sets to fan-submitted models that the company wisely decided to put into production.

We parents love Legos because they foster creativity, are endlessly modular, and for the most part, don’t make noise.

It’s a dizzying array of choices, and not all sets are created equal. Our favorites cover a variety of themes, both licensed and original. They’re all fun to both build and well-designed, so kids can play with their completed models even after they finish the last page of the instructions.

Here are some of our favorite Lego sets to buy now.

This set features two characters from the team-based action game, including a buildable version of Reinhardt’s huge and hugely impressive Rocket Hammer.

Pros: Kids who love the Overwatch video game will go nuts for this 455-piece set, which includes tank heroes D.Va and Reinhardt, and minifigure versions of each character that can go inside the large toys.

Cons: If you’re not into Overwatch, keep reading.

Pros: It’s a solid Lego set starter kit, clocking in at 233 pieces, and you get three creatures out of it. You start with a fire-breathing dragon that then can be transformed into a spider or a troll. The instructions are easy to follow, which is a bonus.

Cons: No cons, except don’t lose any pieces or you’ll be limited to one creature only.

Pros: Along with the bottle itself, this 962-piece Lego set comes with a build-it-yourself stand that makes displaying this model a joy. We’re also huge fans of using small translucent blue pieces to mimic what water looks like.

Cons: Once it’s built, there’s not a ton that kids can do with this Lego set, so it’s not a great fit for kids who like to constantly play with their Legos.

Pros: Truly, what’s not to love about this…

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