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There are shelves upon shelves worth of amazing books with protagonists kids love. But imagine your little one’s delight if they saw themselves on the page? As you’re building your collection of educational, inspiring and entertaining children’s reads, throw in some super-special personalized books for kids! Below, find the best personalized children’s books, perfect for sprinkling a little extra magic into storytime.


My Trip to the Alphabet Zoo

First in our roundup of personalized story books? This adorable zoo-themed tale. The pages depict your kid meeting different animals in alphabetical order. It’s a genius way to help teach them their letters while also introducing them to some awesome creatures.

Age: 0 to 6 years old
Buy it: My Trip to the Alphabet Zoo by SuAnn Kiser, $40,


Good Night to You

If your goal is to read baby gently to sleep, try this adorably illustrated bedtime story. The personalized children’s book features soothing scenes. Bonus: It also comes with a comforting teddy bear from beloved plush toy brand GUND. (Have enough stuffed animals? No worries. You can buy the book by itself too.)

Age: 1 to 3 years old
Buy it: Good Night to You by Sandra Magsamen and Teddy Bear Gift Set, $55,


Who Loves Me?

With this sweet personalized love book, you can not only work your child’s name into the story, but your friends and family as well! Gift your little one a story about all the people in their life who love them, from Mommy to Grandma, with this endearing tale.

Age: 0 to 6 years old
Buy it: Who Loves Me? by Jennifer Dewing, $30 for a pink or blue book,


If My Pet Could Talk

Don’t stop at human loved ones! Pets…

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